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About Us

Postmark Games make print at home games that are easy to download and start playing, whilst still being interesting and fun enough to compete with the bigger boxed games in your collection. The company was started in 2021 by designers Matthew Dunstan and Rory Muldoon. 


Australian born Matthew Dunstan lived in the UK and Prague for the best part of the last decade before moving back to Australia where he now resides. 

To date he has had over 30 games published and distributed all around the world, with hundreds of thousands of copies sold in over 8 languages. Notable titles include the Kennerspiel des Jahres-nominated Elysium, the Spiel des Jahres-nominated Next Station: London, Monumental and the Adventure Game series.


Rory Muldoon studied game design before building a career as a graphic designer and illustrator. 

He’s worked with clients such as Punchdrunk, Niantic and Youtube and has more recently returned to game design with two published games and a number of graphic design credits. He lives and works from his home in South Oxfordshire. 

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