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Battle Card


Take on iconic battles and campaigns of the Second World War in this collection of micro solitaire wargames. Each game is played on a single map with scenario specific rules that allow players to face some of the unique challenges and struggles of that particular battle.

Requires 14 standard six-sided dice, preferably in two different colours.



  • Low ink high contrast versions included

  • Multiple unique scenarios, each representing a different World War 2 battle or campaign.

  • Historical Notes PDF included for each game

  • All series one Battle Card content included with your purchase

1 player  |  5-15 minutes  |  Ages 12+


It works so well. I'm giving it an 8/10

Chris Yi - The Dice Tower


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How to play

The Creators


David Thompson

David Thompson was born in Savannah, GA in the US, started designing games while living in Cambridge in the UK, and has since returned to the US. 


He has had over 20 games published in over 15 languages across the world. His most well-known games are the Undaunted and War Chest series as well as his Valiant Defense line of solitaire wargames. 


Nils Johansson

More than 25 years as an Art director in various creative fields has taught Nils the fundamental importance of innovative story-telling as a catalyst to engage broader audiences.


Living in Paris, Nils currently works as an artist and graphic designer for various game publishers, specialising in historical board games and in conflict simulations.

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