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Postmark Games are excited to announce a brand new collaboration with Australian publisher Joey Games. Founded by designer Phil Walker-Harding and illustrator Meredith Walker-Harding Joey have been making wonderfully accessible family games since 2023. 

We're kicking off this partnership with a new version of Joey's popular game Scribbly Gum which has been developed as a print at home dice game that you can grab right now! In Scribbly Gum, each player has their own tree diagram and every turn gets to draw a line that leads to food for your baby moth to eat. Collect sets of food to score points. Whoever scribbles their way to the most valuable food wins the game! Scribbly Gum can be played with any number of players at once and includes directions for classroom play.

What's next?

Scribbly Gum is just the start of our adventure with Joey Games. Coming to Kickstarter this summer is a brand new print at home game designed by Phil Walker-Harding and published by Postmark Games. We don't have much more to say right now but if you're a fan of Joey or Postmark then we think you'll enjoy this one a lot. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about it!

Joey Games

Founders Phil Walker-Harding and Meredith Walker-Harding make board games about Australia for kids and adults to play together.


Phil Walker-Harding has been designing approachable board and card games for fifteen years and is best known for Sushi Go!, Imhotep and Bärenpark. He has worked with international brands like Ravensburger, Bluey and Tetris. 


Meredith Walker-Harding is an illustrator and textile artist who has also worked in academic administration, book sales, puppetry and vegan catering.

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